Sultans Bakery

There is a new bakery that has opened it's doors on 39th Street by the name of Sultan's and it is owned by my friend Shero Alloush. Him and I have worked together at VML for almost four years and if you know him, you know his attention to detail and work ethic are unrivaled. This bakery is no exception. Him, his wife Nicole and his cousin Ali are baking goods that are just as good to look at as they are to eat. He told me in Syria where he is from, "you eat with your eyes first."

I was lucky enough to take a few pictures for them to put on their website. I am not a professional food photographer but the texture and styling of the pastries they are producing are hard to make look bad. The quality and care they put in to each of these items are apparent. This was actually really fun to photograph. I love when a person puts their heart into what they are doing. You can see Ali's artistic side just looking at Bennarain and Warbat.

The list is long, and you won't have heard of a lot of items, but I can assure you, you can't go wrong with any of it. These items range from a Haresa to Noga to Baklava (traditional and chocolate) and on and on.

I couldn't be happier that Sultan's opened in my neighborhood. If you walk by and see someone in the window taking photos of the pastries then eating them, say hi, it's probably me.