NASCAR at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City

I am lucky enough to know someone that works at the Kansas Speedway. I am also lucky in the fact that this person entertained my request to get me a photographers pass so I could get down around the track and into the pits during the SpongeBob SquarePants 400. Although not a huge racing fan, I knew that a sporting event of this size is something that I would love to be at with my camera. 

I arrived by shuttle in the infield amongst the campers and RV's. After walking around for a few hours figuring out where everything was (and catching a 45 minute Shooter Jennings show in the infield) the race started. It got loud and I was much closer than I thought I would be.

98 laps in the rain started and wouldn't let up for a few hours. I headed up to a higher point to get some overhead shots of the track waiting for the rain to stop. 

Met lots of nice people and came away with a different idea of the races. I hope to get to another race with my camera soon.